How Do I Vote?

Where do I vote?

Voter Registration Lookup and Polling Place Locator

When do I vote?

Election Dates and Deadlines

Hours of voting:

  • For an election or primary, polls in Connecticut are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Any elector standing in line at the polls at 8 p.m. will be allowed to cast a vote.
  • Check with your Town Clerk for the hours of voting on a referendum, as they vary by town.

How do I vote?

  • Absentee Ballot Information
  • First Time Voter Fact Sheet
  • Student Voter Fact Sheet
  • Voter with Disabilities Fact Sheet
  • An accessible ballot marking device is also available at every polling place for voters with disabilities or for any voter who prefers this option. This ballot marking system allows for the voter to make their choices audibly or by using a touchscreen display, rather than by pen and paper. This is a voter-verified paper ballot system that allows voters to vote privately and independently. The voting device features a touchscreen display that includes alternatives such as audio, tactile keys, and customizable displays to accommodate voters with a wide range of physical, sensory, cognitive, language and literacy abilities. The system marks the same preprinted ballots used at the polling place. The machine-marked ballots can then be run through the optical-scan tabulator by the voter in the same manner as all other voter-marked ballots.
  • Homeless Voter Fact Sheet
  • Military and Overseas Voters
  • Voter Rights

Do I need to show photo identification in order to vote?

The short answer is no. Learn more about voter identification requirements.

What happens if I am not on the list of registered voters at the polling place?

Thanks to Connecticut’s new Election Day Registration law, you can register and vote in person on Election Day at your town’s Election Day Registration location. To register in person, you will need to supply proof of identity and residence. Contact your local registrars of voters for information about location, hours of operation, and acceptable forms of identification.

Town-By-Town Sample Ballots